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2009 – Expedition plans for a return visit to the Taimyr Peninsula in 2009 are now officially underway.  This expedition to southeast Taimyr will sample the Mesozoic stratigraphy for sediment provenance, paleomagnetism, paleontology, and structural analyses.  Expedition logistics are being coordinated by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat www.polar.se
2009 – Plans for a return trip to Ellesmere Island in 2009 are currently underway.  This expedition, originally scheduled for 2008, had to be postponed.  It is being coordinated by a different, UK-based, CASP organization www.casp.cam.ac.uk
August 2008 – Paleogeographic evolution of the Arctic region during the Phanerozoic.
International Geological Congress, Oslo, NORWAY. 
October 2008 – Arctic Ocean Scientific Drilling.
International Ocean Drilling Program Workshop, Bremerhaven, GERMANY.
October 2009 – Amerasia Basin.
Penrose Conference, Banff, CANADA.
Fall 2010 – 5th International Conference on Arctic Margins.
University of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.